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Selected Presentations

2010 Society of American Foresters National Convention, October 27-31, Albequerque, NM. Conference WEB Site

Potentially available LWD metrics for assessing riparian forest function.
Presentation (PDF) Paper (PDF)
Using quantitative forest structure targets: the good, bad, and ugly.
Presentation (PDF) Paper (PDF)
Seeing the trees in the forest when estimating riparian shade.
Poster (PDF) Paper (PDF)
2006 Nearest Neighbors Workshop, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN. Conference Web Site
Constructing a virtual forest: An hierarchical nearest neighbors method for generating simulated tree lists. Presentation (PDF) Paper (PDF)
2003 Symposium for Systems Analysis in Forest Resources, Skamania, WA.
Conference Web Site
A Nonparametric Method for Defining and Using Biologically Based Targets in Forest Management. Presentation (PDF) Paper (PDF)

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